Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Dry Cell Hydrogen Generator

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New Twin Booster (11/21/31/41 Plates)
Dry Cell Hydrogen Generator
Title : Dry Cell HHO Hydrogen Generator - XX Plates up to 12LPM
Product ID : DC HHO 00XX

From 966 square inch - 3772 square inch.
3L per minute - 12 L Per minute at 40amp-12v (20 amp each Cell)

Twin booster means double the hydrogen generation compared to single generator. With twin hydrogen, you get double hydro cells to force extra hydrogen through the generator with faster operation. These design is the best productive design that we have ever tested until today!.

"Double Cell Generator circulate water between Generator to Water tank faster than Single Plates Cell type.
This gives the better HHO production and cooler the generator. "

The System uses spare electricity from your cars alternator to generate Hydrogen gas from water. The Hydrogen is fed into the manifold of your vehicle...The results are astounding, more torque at lower engine speeds, lower emissions, cooler engine, less carbon build up and considerably more miles per gallon.

The System was designed, developed and tested by an experienced team of researchers... The system has been fitted locally as a complete system for over 18 months and thoroughly tested by dozens of happy customers using water for fuel.

Support 12v/24v current up to 60amp. and the production of HHO can be speed up to 12L per min.

Suitable for any engine diesel or petrol.

All tubes connectors are push pull type. easy to connect or disconnect.

The Kit Contains The Following:

  1. 1- Dry Cell Hydrogen Generator
  2. 1 - Water tank as bubbler and reservoir
  3. 1 - Air intake valve with T connector to your cars manifold intake
  4. 1- 5 ft. Vacuum Flex Tube for easy push/pull fitting
  5. 1- Manual For Installing The Hydrogen Generator (CD)

Pricing and Hydrogen performance.
This auction is for XX Plates Generator. Please see our other auction for more plates systems.

With this construction, you can get cooler systems and more productive HHO Generations..

Hydrogen Systems with easy push pull connectors, tubes & Water reservoir. Push Pull means very easy to assemble and disable. These tubes are made for hydraulic machinery that can handle high pressure gas. Plate construction from the top view (21 Plates at 6 Liters Per Minute). All Plates are cut using CNC laser cutting machine for precise construction.

Try Dual Cell HHO Outer Casing is made of Durable Acrylic that can stand of heat up to 800c Separates Plates for dual charge. This will divide in to 2 current source to 20amp each instead of 40amp. Rubber seal to separate cell between 1.4mm-2.0mm depends on your screw tightening We have 2 type of rubber seal either the first one or this one. Both rubber seal can stand up to 400c

With enough hydrogen, your engine will increase in performance Very clean burning and fewer dangerous gas can be reach with combining hydrogen and oxygen in combustion engine.. Fuel saving you can get is 10-50%. The best saving is when using in long and straight highway. Perfect Burning with Hydrogen..
With Hydrogen, your engine life will be extended and no more pinging from the engine. Feel smoother ride and moe horse power. Hydrogen helps to burn 100% of your fuel. Without hydrogen 40-60% fuels burned.
Valve Speed controller comes with this packages for easy connect to your manifold Water reservoir for easy refilling.

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